FAPTurbo User Manual – Risk Disclosure Claim

FAPTurbo User Manual – Risk Disclosure Claim


The US Government requires companies to disclose the underlying risk of their investment products. The commodity and futures trading in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission has enormous profit potential, but at the same time bears enormous risk. When you decide to trade commodity and futures, you must understand the sources of risk and be willing to accept them. You should never trade with a sum of money that you can’t afford to lose.

The Fapturbo is not released as a support or invitation to buy or sell commodity or futures.

You should understand that the past performance of any forex trading systems does not represent their future profit. So when you see all the hype in the selling pages and the tremendous victories people had with FAPturbo, do not be overly excited and know that all of those do not mean that you can get the same result.

Forex trading is a very risky form of investment and is not entirely suitable for all investors. In the process of forex trading, usually high leverage ratio is used. Once again you should never trade with a sum of money you cannot afford to lose.

Before you decide to trade forex, you must carefully consider your investment objective, your level of investment experience and your ability to handle the risk involved. Besides you must acknowledge all the risk involved. If possible, I suggest you to get professional advice from independent financial consultants. The market is ever evolving. No two moments are exactly the same.

Therefore, past results does not necessarily indicate your future success. No forex trading systems can give you guarantee on profits. No matter how much backtesting you have done, there is always a probability of losing in actual tradings. In the end, the only person who will be responsible for any loss you suffer is yourself.